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25 JUL

Treffen: Braukulturwochen #4/Teil 2 mit Kormoran Brewery (Polen)

Geschrieben von User15 Catbat 08.07.2016 08:33h (geändert: 11.07.2016 15:19h) | 189 x gelesen

Datum: Montag 25.07.2016 um 17:00h

Treffpunkt ab 17 Uhr bei den Liegestühlen hinter dem Brauwerk.

The Kormoran Brewery is a small regional brewery specialized in brewing traditional and natural beers, prepared with the use of ingredients delivered by the local suppliers. To a large degree, we’ve been responsible for sensitizing the consumers to the dainty beers brewed with passion and in accordance +with the tradition of our trade. The Brewery is recognizable for its boldness in terms of trying new things as well as its unique offer of special beers, such as the Kormoran’s Travels and the PLON series, which contributed to the rebirth of Polish hop farming. The feedback we receive from our customers is a confirmation that we follow the right path. Our beers are getting more and more popular, they’ve been awarded with the mos prestigious prizes both in Poland and Europe – our products were appreciate at the European Beer Star and the Global Craft Beer Festival

We hope you’ll enjoy the result of our effort, the effort of a group of beer enthusiasts working under the Kormoran’s wing. In the end, we have only one goal to acheve – to provide a delightful composition of unique flavours and aromas from around the world so that your senses can experience them anytime and anywhere.

If you somehow haven’t had an opportunity to try our products yet, it’s high time to do so! Enjoy!

Der Folder in englisch sowie weitere Infos findet Ihr unter http://browarkormoran.pl/

Nächstes Treffen nicht verpassen!

Jetzt Bilder hochladen!

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