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25 Grüße an die Gruppe

Bitte melde Dich an, um einen Gruß hinterlassen zu können.

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Dienstag 07.11.2017 09:56h

    Hi guys! When is the next meeting, I would love to join you!!


  • User35
    Tinapeer, Donnerstag 21.09.2017 14:43h

    Hi, is it possible to get part of your English group?

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Montag 11.09.2017 21:18h

    Hi guys! When is the next meeting, I would love to join you!!

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Freitag 08.09.2017 06:40h

    Hello everybody, I’d like to join your Group and i looking forward seeing you very soon. Thank you&Best regards

  • User35
    Jonjon356, Freitag 25.08.2017 19:38h

    Hello.Hi, I’d also like to join your group Can you tell me where and at what time will be the next Meeting. Best wiches peace

  • User35
    Clisalni, Dienstag 22.08.2017 17:52h

    Hallo I’d like to join your group! Can you tell me where and at what time will be the next meeting.

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Dienstag 11.07.2017 19:41h

    Hello Everybody, when does it next meeting? I’m new guest and would like to improve my english skills

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Dienstag 16.05.2017 22:15h

    hi, was applying as a group member right now, hope it succeds. Like to have regularly conversations. Interest of mine in short: sports (jogging, walking, biking), cultural events (have discovered stand up comedians events recently _> great fun, indeed) and like to chat. Kind Regards, Peter

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Samstag 13.05.2017 09:09h

    Hi, I want to improve my English and meet nice people Joanna 15

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Montag 08.05.2017 08:11h

    Hi everybody, as I would like to join this English conversation group I am starting my salutation-eamil with the familiar question where and when the next meeting will take place. Thank you in advance and best regards ! Hevin

  • User35
    Ribrianli, Donnerstag 13.04.2017 19:37h

    nice to meet you, enjoy the eastertime, greetings Henry

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Donnerstag 13.04.2017 14:52h

    I wish you all happy Easter and a full Easter basket! Doris

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Dienstag 07.03.2017 20:53h

    Hallo everybody,I’d like to join your group! Can you tell me where and at what time will the next meeting on 10. of march take place? I’m looking forward to see you! Katharina

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Sonntag 19.02.2017 12:24h

    Hello Your next group meeting is on 24 Feb. I would enjoy a lot joining you. At which time and place is the meeting taking place ? Looking to talk about “trust” with you. Francois

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Sonntag 12.02.2017 08:31h

    Hello, I would like to join your group. Please let me know when and where you meet up. Thanks.

  • User35
    Ma73, Sonntag 27.11.2016 11:44h

    Verlasse die Gruppe weil ich eigentlich nie komme. Wünsche dir noch viel Spaß mit deiner englischgruppe. LG ma73

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Samstag 26.11.2016 22:32h

    Hello! I would love to join your group. May I ask, where and when your meetings take place? Elisabeth

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Sonntag 16.10.2016 21:59h

    Hey there I would like to join the group and kindly ask where and when exactly (28.10) the next meeting will be. Looking forward to your answer:)

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Freitag 19.08.2016 14:15h

    I will not be at the meeting this evening. I am not well with a raging headache and probably a summer cold. Sorry for the short notice.

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Donnerstag 18.08.2016 16:57h

    Hi, i really nead to break through my barrier to speak English, i hope, you will help me.

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Dienstag 09.08.2016 14:28h

    hi i have been living elsewhere for quite a while and i would love to meet some people whove also been living in other places of the world :)

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Sonntag 07.08.2016 15:12h

    Hello, everyone! I am very interested in this group and look forward to seeing you all sooner.

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Sonntag 31.07.2016 02:26h

    Hi, I’d also like to join your group 😃

  • User35
    Feldie16, Sonntag 03.07.2016 20:29h

    Hi there, I would like to join your group, THX

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Freitag 01.07.2016 11:12h

    Hi there,

    My name is Natalia and I am 24. I am looking forward to become your member and meet some new people, with whom I can also improve my english language skills! :)

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