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About our group

Die Gruppe trifft sich, um über interessante Themen zu diskutieren, um sprachliche Kompetenz zu erwerben und das erworbene Können zu festigen oder auszubauen.

Eduard1 Organizer

7 greetings to the group

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  • User35
    Auranja, Thursday, 10/09/2014 05:45PM

    Hello! An English conversation group is such a good idea – why is there no activity here? What a pity!

  • User35
    Alan-Burgon, Monday, 01/16/2012 05:58PM

    Dear English enthusiasts!

    I am an actor at the International Theatre here in Vienna, and would very much like to inform you all of our upcoming show which premiers tomorrow night, and runs until April 21st. It would make a great conversation piece as the play leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Details are underneath. Hope you find the time to come along.

    Kind regards,


    An Inspector Calls By J.B. Priestley PERFORMANCES IN ENGLISH January 17 through April 21 Tuesdays through Saturdays Curtain: 19:30 Porzellangasse 8 1090 Wien Box Office: 319 62 72 Website: www.internationaltheatre.at

    A young girl commits suicide and a respectable British family is subject to an inquiry in connection with the death. An inspector calls to interrogate the family, and during the course of his questioning, all members of the group are implicated in the girl’s death. The family- closely knit and friendly at the beginning of the evening- is shown to be selfish, self-centered and cowardly. They question and accuse each other over their responsibility for the girl’s death. A surprising revelation, however, is in store for them. J.B. Priestley’s best known play still keeps you guessing. A classic thriller with depth and meaning.

    With Alan Burgon, Don Fenner, Laura Mitchell, Andrew Phillips Julia C. Thorne, Alex Scott Fairley, and Erika Elson Directed by Eric Lomas

  • User35
    Eduard1, Friday, 10/14/2011 07:07PM

    Hi, nobody seems to be interested in the meeting, so I gave up!

  • User35
    Brigittenau, Wednesday, 10/12/2011 04:38PM

    Hi, I am new here, so please tell me a little bit about it. Where an when do you meet?

  • User35
    Eduard1, Friday, 10/07/2011 07:22PM

    Hi everyone! I’m sorry haven’t been ambitious about my group but if you want we can arrange a regular meeting for the group. It would be a chance to start the activity. Would you like to help me and support the meetings? Greetings Eduard

  • User35
    Arielle1, Thursday, 04/28/2011 11:54PM

    hi eduard1, where and when does your group meet?

  • User35
    Sara-Lion, Sunday, 12/19/2010 03:39PM

    hi every body!! I’m back again in groops !

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