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15 JUN

Treffen: The Odd Couple

Geschrieben von User15 Cobra72 01.06.2018 13:48h | 30 x gelesen

Datum: Freitag 15.06.2018 um 19:00h

Since there are hardly any interesting English films on in Vienna at the moment, I suggest we go watch “The Odd Couple” at the English Theatre. Most of you will know the famous movie starring Walther Mattau and Jack Lemmon! But I think it’s definitely a film worth watching at least twice! Once you have registered, I’ll send you a mail with my account number. Please transfer 25 Euros to my account no later than Thursday, 7 June so I can reserve the tickets. I hope that all of can come! Cheers-Andrea For more info about the play go to http://www.englishtheatre.at/

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  • Hi! Yesterday's performance was simply great! The old movie was "reju... » Mehr
    Cobra72, Samstag 16.06.2018 14:07h | 5 Bilder