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25 Grüße an die Gruppe

Bitte melde Dich an, um einen Gruß hinterlassen zu können.

  • User35
    Felia, Samstag 03.02.2018 10:49h

    Hi, I’d like to speak English with nice People.

  • User35
    Fitworld, Freitag 12.01.2018 17:59h


  • User35
    Florentina74, Dienstag 26.12.2017 20:33h

    Hi, I want to improve my English

  • User35
    Caarmen, Sonntag 03.09.2017 09:37h

    Hi, I want to learn englisch.

  • User35
    Joanna15, Samstag 13.05.2017 09:06h

    Hi,I want to improve my English and meet nice people Joanna15

  • User35
    Simone1610, Dienstag 09.05.2017 10:42h

    Hi everyone, I´d like to practice more English and meet new people. When´s the next meeting and where? Greetings

  • User35
    Raphael09, Donnerstag 13.04.2017 10:39h

    Can anybody tell me how often you meet up? And also when and where? I live near Graz, but I should be able to come to Vienna a couple of times a month, preferably on Weekends.

  • User35
    Helga45, Sonntag 09.04.2017 13:23h

    Hi everyone, have a happy Easter!

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Mittwoch 15.03.2017 13:59h

    Hi, I´d like to join this group to meet new people and improve my english .. I´m looking forward to see you soon:)

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Sonntag 15.01.2017 19:49h

    Hi everybody! I´d really like to join your group, cause I miss talking in English so much… Looking forward to it and all the best!

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Samstag 14.01.2017 07:23h

    Hey there, I would really like to join the group! I’m looking forward to see you and to improve my English. Best wishes!

  • User35
    Senorita-U, Dienstag 15.11.2016 20:04h

    Thank you for organizing meetings! Unfortunately I don´t find the time to come regularly. So I´m not longer joining your group, making room for others. Have a good time!

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Freitag 09.09.2016 13:26h

    Hello, I hope you´ll have a nice day!

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Donnerstag 01.09.2016 07:55h

    Hi there, I am from Berlin and now new in Vienna – would love to meet new people:-)

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Donnerstag 11.08.2016 14:44h

    Thanks for your kind invitation! :-) Looking forward to meet new people here :-)

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Donnerstag 11.08.2016 12:55h

    Hi, what’s up? Looking forward to participate in this group!

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Dienstag 09.08.2016 17:32h

    Hi everybody. I want to improve my english und to meet people to speak.

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Dienstag 09.08.2016 14:42h

    Ive been living elsewhere for quite a while and would love to meet some people whove also lived in other places of the world.

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Montag 08.08.2016 14:26h

    Thanks 4 adding me 2 ur group. Hope 2 c u soon. Rella.

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Sonntag 31.07.2016 22:46h

    Hi, I am curious.

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Samstag 16.07.2016 11:02h

    Hi all w ould be a pleasure to meet you soon

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Samstag 02.07.2016 10:02h

    Hello everybody out there in this group, happy to see you soon!

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Samstag 02.07.2016 06:31h

    Hi, I’m curious about the conversations and looking foreward!

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Montag 27.06.2016 16:28h

    Hi, I am looking forward to seeing you so as to brush up on my English!

  • User35
    Gruppenmitglied, Freitag 03.06.2016 11:20h

    Hello all, looking forward to meeting you. It´s great to have the opportunity to practise English with you.

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