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Arabic in Österreich

You're looking for Arabic in Österreich? Just join a group and be invited to meetings in real life — it's free!

English (22), German (10), Spanish (6), Italian (5), Turkish (5), French (4), Portuguese (4), Russian (3), Business-english (3), Arabic (3), Esperanto (3), Swedish (2), Chinese (2), Croatian (1), Hungarian (1), Dutch (1), Hebraeisch (1)
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  • Group65
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    Languageexchange Österreich »You want to learn better english, better german, you want and can learn any language, so let us beginn« You can learn any language, but not only over exercising in school, you have to write, you have to speak, lo let us communica... Tags: englisch italienisch tuerkisch arabisch

  • Brombeerbrunch_medium
    62 Members
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    Multikulti-Sunday-Brunch Picture 1080 Wien, Wien, Österreich »Zwischen Wiener Schmäh und internationalem Flair« *"Zwischen Wiener Schmäh und internationalem Flair"* Welcome to the Multikulti-Sunday-Brunch! Dieser Stammtisch ist fü... Tags: spanisch deutsch international englisch

  • 20180511_153055_medium
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    Lonely immigrants of Vienna 1060 Vienna, Österreich »Lonely immigrants« We don't care where do you come from... We don't care how you look... We don't care how you fuck... We don't care in which... Tags: arabisch chinesisch englisch franzoesisch

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